what do I want to be when i grow up?

I‘ve been obsessed with this question my whole life. All the possibilities laying ahead of me made me so excited, I think i can tell you the name of every bachelor degree in Europe.

And people loved that I made plans for my future, and believe me I had many. I still have.

But people stopped loving it when they suddenly wanted to hear a serious answer. Like, one. Here I was, having notebooks full of places I wanted to live at and universities I thought were cool, and with a new obsession for one of them every two weeks. How could I possibly decide what I wanted?

I think being a teenager involves being in a constant state of change. It’s the time in life where we are (if we have those privileges) able to experiment with ourselves and find those little things that bring us joy. Also, our hormons are going crazy and moods change as quickly as the weather in April.

And this is the state we are going through when we chose what we want to do after school. We have zero life experience, never had to manage our time ourselves and maybe didn’t even have the time to find the things that we want to pursue. That’s why i will do spontaneous things after school first. Save money and travel, see places without any duties or time schedules to fulfill. I feel like I have to be completely free first before I start a new chapter in my life.

But I will come to that in another entry. Now i want to focus on my dream life, at least under my current standards.

After traveling and experiencing, I am accepted into Trinity College, Dublin. Or University College. I‘m studying something with English, and it’s interesting. Dublin is an amazing city, cozy and huge at the same time. I find like-minded minds easily. I’m comfortable with my housing arrangement.

After my bachelor, I may be enrolling into a master programm, but maybe I also apply for a job in London, England. I teach at an university and talk about writing, gender studies and literature. I love it and I also find love. I‘m still writing a blog and have multiple income streaks. My energy level is high and London is a beautiful, inspirational space, where I can’t help myself but write a book I’m content with. Maybe not the first at that point. But this book is a bestseller, and I’m invited to do a booktour were I will be able to inspire young people and maybe help them achieve their dreams, and where I can talk about the things I created. I gain a bigger platform, and give speeches about the topics I burn for with glowing eyes, having a small circle of loving friends which supports me. Money is flowing, and I’m able to see my family often. The adventures, travels and new things that come my way are never the same. I stay with the person I love, and at some point get settled where I feel most at peace. I never stop teaching and engaging. And of course, writing. I’m at peace with myself. I can’t even define what comes, but it’s always turning out good in the end.

Please, if you have a vision, write it down. It is so important to visualize the things you want in life in order to attract them!

Lots of love, Hanna

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